DOSS PowerBox
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Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Amazon Echo Dot
▪ Free your Amazon Echo Dot.
▪ Compatible with all Bluetooth-enable devices.
▪ Stereo sound by 2x10W high-performance Drivers.
▪ Simply put the Echo Dot into the top of the speaker.
▪ Enjoy up to 8hrs playtime with rechargeable li-ion battery.
$ 49.99
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3.7 / 5.0
Has great sound and makes Alexa portable
By Gerry on December 15, 2017
Wonderful Product!!
By Hunter DeVeau on December 14, 2017
The speaker broke after three weeks of me ordering it. Good sound but it had just stopped working
Good sound.
By Daniel on December 09, 2017
The sound is much better than the echo dot by itself. It's not quite as good as the full size echo but it is as loud if not louder. It's also nice to be able to bring my dot out on the patio and listen to music without worrying about plugging it up. It's exactly what I was expecting and hoping for out of this device.
A good Dot companion
By Frank C. Bertino on December 08, 2017
The sound is very good for a small unit. I had trouble getting it to do what I wanted at first, but I figured it out. A good solution for Dot sound.
Five Stars
By John Branham on December 07, 2017
This is a great addition to the Echo the sound is fantastic!
User Manual
EN-PowerBox User Manual.pdf

Q: can you connect multiple speakers together to play the same song throughout the house?
A: Sorry, no. 
Q: Can you plug this speaker in to power it?
A: Yes. The speaker can plug in to a wall outlet as well. If the battery is charged it will Work without the cord too.
Q: Do the volume up down buttons on the speaker adjust the volume independent of the echo dot volume?
A: Yes they are independent . You can put echo dot volume on 1, and then ajust speaker volume even lower. Or you can have dot on 10, and still adjust speaker to almost mute. 
Q: Can this be used with the echo dot 2nd generation?
A: Yes, I have 2nd generation dot. Works and sounds great. 
Q: does this work with first generation dot?
A: Yes plugged mines up & worked with no issues.
Q: Is the speaker supposed to stay on when plugged in with dot? Mine keeps shutting off overnight?
A: The Amazon dot has shut itself off but the speaker has always stayed on.
Q: What is the difference between this speaker and the mokcao power? which one would you recommend?
A: I don’t know the difference but the DOSS works well Bluetooth or with the dot. Sounds good and easy to use. 
Q: Does it come with the dot?
A: If you order Dot at the same time, it will come with the Dot. Otherwise only speaker comes. 
Q: Since this provides power to the Dot but is also battery-powered itself, can it provide power to the Dot while running on its own battery?
A: That was a great question. I just unplugged it to see if it would still work and it did. Not sure of how long the battery will last. 
Q: How much does it weigh?
A: 770g.
Q: do you have to have an echo dot to use this? Can you just use Bluetooth through your iphone to work it? 
A: Yes, you can use a dot with our speaker, or pair your iphone via Bluetooth to DOSS PowerBox. 
Q: Is this portable without being pluged in.
A: of course... that's the whole point of these. This one works great and has excellent sound. the exterior off/on and volume controls are a real plus.
Q: if you buy two do they play in stereo?
A: NO.

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