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DOSS Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones
▪ Enjoy CD-like sound quality with aptX technology
▪ Protein skin ear pads makes it comfortable to wear
▪ Easy to connect via Bluetooth or 3.5mm auxiliary
▪ Forget the noise with active noise cancelling
▪ Up to 20 hours wireless playtime. 

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4.5 / 5.0
DOSS Superior Quality Headphones
By Sheereen on December 04, 2017
Sound quality is smooth, and acoustic bass sound is exactly what I like. The noise cancelling button works like a charm although the headphones block out surrounding noise without NC as well. The headphones are comfortable and fit snug on my small ears. The Bluetooth pairing is easy with holding the multifunctional button for 5 seconds. Controlling volume pause play and skip buttons does take some practice to get used to, but overall very impressed with the DOSS headphones.
These work great, we got a second one
By Tracy Keen on December 02, 2017
These work great, we got a second one. I use it for exercise my husband uses his in his wood shop.
Super easy setup and controls and the clarity when answering ...
By Samantha on November 27, 2017
Really didn’t know what to expect for the price but pleasantly surprised. Super easy setup and controls and the clarity when answering phone calls was unexpected. Definitely worth the money nice job DOSS
A Solid Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphone
By tony on November 27, 2017
DOSS has been expanding their line of Bluetooth speakers from the Soundbox to Soundbox XL, Traveler, etc. They have now branched into headphones, first with the BE1 and now the ANC BE2, their first noise cancelling headphones. These are over-the-ear (which helps isolate noise in itself), black, clean looking headphones, which is fine with me because I don’t need anything fancy looking. Function over fashion.The BE2 come in a black box with a smaller hard sided carrying case for the headphones with a USB cable for charging and a 3-foot male-to-male 1/8” audio cable to listening without using Bluetooth. This comes in handy if your battery dies (which I don’t see happening too often because DOSS states the battery will last 20 hours before charging.) They fit well over my large head and the protein skin cushions feel good against my ears. I’ve worn these for three hours at a time with no fatigue.The first test is using the headphones plugged in (no Bluetooth.) On their own they isolate as well as other over the ear headphones. Using a freq generator from my phone I was able to hear from 28 to 11250kHz. (As I get older my high end frequency hearing has dropped quite a bit.) Note: don’t lose the audio cable that came with headphones. The barrel connector is quite narrow allowing enough clearance to plug it in. If you do lose it then you will have to get another one and will probably have to cut down the barrel so you can plug it in. Given that listening to music can be very subjective, the sound was as expected, solid all the way around. The active noise cancelling can be used with and without Bluetooth. More on that later.Next was trying them with Bluetooth. With it turned on but not paired there is silence. However when it is paired there is a noticeable high pitch sound coming from the left ear piece. This was constant with every BT device I paired with. Also I don’t know if this intentional but when it first starts playing music the sound will remain low for five seconds or so. After the five seconds the music comes up to the desired level. If you are playing one song right after another it doesn’t happen, only in the initial first song or if you’ve stopped for greater then four seconds. This can get annoying if you are skipping around looking for a song to listen. After the last song plays there is a noticeable thump four seconds after it ends. I assume this is when it goes into power saver mode.The last thing I wanted to do is try the active noise cancellation with Bluetooth. I’ve had a pair in-ear NC phones before and knew what to expect. The best condition I could test them under was when driving. When connected to my phone the noise cancellation worked well muting the road noise. You quickly forget hearing the road noise in the background. You find yourself not having to turn up the music so loud as to drown out the road noise. The built-in microphone also makes it handy to take phone calls while driving.One thing that isn’t mention is the battery. Over time a battery will eventually lose its ability to charge. With a 20 hour play time this maybe a long time down the road before it needs to be change however there are no instructions as to how to change it.Overall, they are a solid pair of headphones. For the price point it’s a good buy.
She was satisfied with the performance
By Nancy on November 13, 2017
Purchased this Bluetooth wireless headphone for my sister as her birthday gift. She was satisfied with the performance. The sound quality is great than she expected. It is easy to pair the Bluetooth connection. The puff is thick so even she wears the headphone for a long time, there is no any discomfort for her ears. It comes with a case for storage. Perfect for travel too.
User Manual
EN-ANC BE2 User Manual.pdf
Q: how are these long wearing? Do they hurt ears? I wear glasses and the type I have now presses on my ears. I'm looking for comfort and great audio.
A: Actually they are not too bad. They do not hurt my ears like the Dr. Dre Beats did. I got spoiled with the long battery life of the Beats, but you get about two days out of this one, depending on how much you use them. They are bulky but comfortable. Thanks for asking. 

Q: Can I connect this headphone up to my smart TV?
A: Not really, but I use the Bluetooth transmitter to connect them.It works well.

Q: Does this have a CSR chip?
A: Yes.

Q: Over the ear?
A: Yes.

Q: does this come with a plug?
A: No, just a Micro USB charging cable.

Q: Do it work with galaxy phones?
A: It should pair to any device that supports the open Bluetooth standard.

Q: Can you charge these and play music at the same time?
A: No, it will auto turn off while charging.

Q: How much noise it can block?
A: Not sure, 70%-80% I suppose.
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