DOSS Assistant
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Portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart Speaker With Amazon Alexa
· Easy of use via touch or Alexa voice control
· Portable in size with anti-rolling design and fabric material
· Wi-Fi connection plus Bluetooth 4.0 technology
· Superior quality sound comes from 10W+10W Driver
· 8h playing time with rechargeable 2200mAh battery
$ 49.99
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4.0 / 5.0
a.k.a. portable-jukebox-in-a-box
By Earl.Jornales on November 15, 2017
seriously, just add lasers and party lights. I really love how it reminds me of some other voice assistant device that I won't mention here. It is, however, more rounded like a beats speaker. Best of all, it has Alexa's brain!🅿🆁🅾🆂+ charged and ready-to-use upon arrival+ easy to connect to wifi using the app+ capable of bluetooth speaker connection+ Alexa supported capabilities; control Alexa compatible smart home devices, check the weather+ even my dad knows how to play music with it. just say "play some norah jones", "play 30s music" or "play songs by the letterman" and it'll find you some amazon songs or an ad-free music channel+ the built-in speaker makes it a portable party jukebox.+ it has really good bass and the max volume can get insanely loud. i normally use between 2 and 4 when it's just me and the family. 10 is the max+ voice control your volume+ works on battery+ included 3 ft USB plug and cable🅲🅾🅽🆂- battery is a Li-ion 7.4V, 2200mAh. i have no idea how long that would last me. i think that i have some rechargeables with a larger capacity, so i might just keep the cable attached most of the time- no purchasable body protector/guard that i can find. i checked and i would love to protect this thing from falling or toddlers knocking it over- no audio out port. the attached speaker is pretty incredible, but if you had access to an even better sound system... you can't even
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