DOSS SoundBox Color
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Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

▪ Ease of use with four simple buttons

▪ Sleekly designed with portability in mind

▪ Dual playing modes: Bluetooth or Aux-in

▪ Amazing performance with dual 6w drivers

▪ 12 hours playtime with rechargeable 2200mAh
$ 19.99
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4.2 / 5.0
Great little speaker
By B. D. Cumbee on April 19, 2017
This little speaker has impressive sound and is much louder than I expected. I highly recommend this for anyone needing a portable bluetooth speaker.
By Amazon Customer on April 16, 2017
This Bluetooth speaker looks beautiful and easy to use, the package was awesome too.
Greate Speaker! Excelente Customer Service!!!
By Larry M. on April 15, 2017
Great product: I also own the original SoundBox and this is an improvement on that design, smaller and sleeker than the original but at no compromise on sound, in fact the low frequencies are better, much more defined in this new model. The sound quality is excellent for the price, I would compare it to speakers costing much, much more! The build is quite good, very sturdy, no rattling or buzzing even at high volumes. The battery life is also very good, I've achieved the promised 12 hours or better at moderate volumes from both models.I've saved the best for last: COSTOMER service at DOSS has been excellent!My wife is blind and I purchased the original SoundBox for her for Christmas! I contacted customer service to ask if it would be possible to change the sensitivity of the touch panel and have verbal prompts and alerts so that she could better use their product and they actually responded Christmas night! Where it wasn't possible to change the sensitivity of the touch panel they did send a firmware and instructed me on how to update the speaker with voice responses. I have been in touch with DOSS several times since and they have been nothing but curious and helpful to me and my wife.As you can see I give the DOSS SoundBox Color a 5 Star rating but also give DOSS customer service 5+ Stars and would highly recommend their products!!
By jli59 on April 11, 2017
It is awesome product!Great sound quality considering the size and the price range, voice is crystal clear and strong bass , I got a white grid one –simple and generous color, makes me feel really comfortable . Very easily to operate along with the buttons . Use it while spend time in the dormitory enjoy the early evening breeze , love it so much! :)
User Manual
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JP-SoundBox Color User Manual.pdf

Q: How long is the charging cable?

A: The charging cable I received is 29" long, not including the metal plugs on either end.

Q: Can I use it anwer a phone call?
A: Yeah, simply click the PLAY button.

Q: Does it work with Echo Dot?
A: Yeah, go step the Amazon Alexa App to connect the Wi-Fi, then switch to Bluetooth Mode and find "SoundBox Color".

Q: Does it remain paired when you turn it off and back on?
A: I have it paired to my computer at work and yes, it stays on all the time.

Q: Can you hear your cell phone ring with the speaker even if the ringer on the phone is off?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Do the volume buttons serve as forward and back to jump to different music tracks? Does it have a pause feature?
A: Yes, the volume buttons serve as forward and back to jump to next or previous songs. Pause feature is included, you can check these features on the user manual on line,

Q: If you plug headphones into the 3.5mm port does the speaker still produce sound?
A: No, our speaker includes Aux-in function no Aux-out.

Q: Is this speaker come with charger? and the 3.5mm two head cable?
A: No charger, but have aux-in cable and micro USB cable.

Q: How many decibles does it produce?
A: S/N ≥ 75DB, Input sensitive = 1A

Q: Will it work with Galaxy S6?
A: Yeah, no problem.

Q: Can I use it while charging?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: Does it support memory cards? Like micro sd cards ? Or you can only listen to music using bluetooth or aux.
A: No, it doesn’t support micro SD card, I usually play music via Bluetooth , you can also use it by Aux in.

Q: How is the battery life?
A: About 12 hours playtime. Over 2X longer than most other Bluetooth speakers.

Q: Is this water resistant?
A: No, if you want to buy a waterproof speaker, please search DOSS Traveler, it's a waterproof IP66 Bluetooth speaker with FLASHLIGHT.

Q: Does it have a mic for hands free phone calls?
A: Yep, it does, just press the play button to answer the phone call.

Q: Does this device shut off on it's own when it's not in use?
A: After 1 hr not in using, my speaker still on!

Q: How is the bass on it?
A: Very good bass , and the sound it's clean and loud ,I paid 30:00 dlls now is 24 00 dlls.

Q: Can it paired with my kenwood car cd player, radio?
A: I haven't try it. I bought it to play with my phone, but anything that has Bluetooth capabilities should work.

Q: Does it supports FM feature?
A: Sorry, No 

Q: Can you pair it to another of the same speaker creating left and right sound 24 watts?
A: No, we will upgrade the next version with this function.

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