DOSS SoundBox xs
229 Reviews
Touch Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

▪ Ease of use with touch controls

▪ Sleekly designed with portability in mind

▪ Can be Bluetooth, Aux-in, or TF card input

▪ 10W driver delivers amazing sound quality

▪ 8 hours play time with rechargeable battery

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4.0 / 5.0
By Anonymous on July 04, 2017
I figured for the price it would be an okay speaker. I was wrong...THE SOUND IS ONE OF THE BEST SPEAKERS I HAVE EVER HAD. The size of the speaker makes it very portable. I had to read the instructions to figure out the volume, but that is simple to use once you figure it out. Bluetooth connnected without a problem.
Great sound with sleek look
By sunshine23 on July 04, 2017
This is my first Bluetooth speaker and I am absolutely amazed by the quality of sound this little thing produce. It has decent bass & mid range. Set up for this speaker is easy. First device it automatically pair. If you like to pair it with another device you will have to reset using the play button in the speaker. I also really like how the volume control is designed. You basically turn your finger clockwise and counter clockwise to up and down the volume- a very cool feature in my opinion. I have been having a lot of fun with this this speaker!
Little speaker Giant sound
By ross on July 03, 2017
This speaker is Great. Its looks very very nice and its high quality. The sound that comes out of this little speaker is absolutely amazing. It is very loud yet very only takes a few seconds to connect to your Bluetooth. And it has a slot for a memory card so you can use it anywhere and don't have to have your phone with you. This speaker is perfect for any room or basement and its small enough to make it easy to bring just about anywhere. I highly highly recommend
Scary good sound out of such a tiny device!!!
By Teresa Garcia on June 27, 2017
Scary good sound out of such a tiny device!!! Fantastically clear sound with that fills the entire apartment. Easy pairing and super portable. Love it!
User Manual
EN-SoundBox xs User Manual.pdf
EU-SoundBox xs User Manual.pdf
Q: Does it work with any smart phone?
A: Yes. support any Bluetooth-enabled smart phone . 

Q: Does this play fm radio?
A: This item does not come with AM/FM radio. However, If you are using an internet radio on your smartphone, you can link through Bluetooth.

Q: Does this speaker have volume control?
A: Yes the big center button on the top roll your finger on it to the right to increase volume to the left to decrease.

Q: Is this device rechargeable? 
A: Yes, you need to charge it completely when you first get it and then you recharge as needed. I've only needed to recharge it once and it didn't take long to get back to a full charge. 

Q: Can you pair two speakers together?
A: Only one at one time.

Q: Does this speaker use 3.5 aux?
A: The speaker has an optional 3.5mm port if you like but the primary means of use is Bluetooth. 

Q: The red looks more pink. Is it actually red or pink?
A: Pink. :) 

Q: Can this speaker be charged using USB wall connection? Can it stay plugged in all the time?
A: Yes a Micro-USB wall charger will work fine. It can remain plugged in all the time. Long-term this may affect battery life so be sure to use it on battery now & then. Also note the SoundBox xs does NOT auto power off. It remains on whether plugged in or on battery.

Q: Does it support a memory card?
A: It does support Micro SD feature, but a memory card is not the included accessories.

Q: Can you plug USB cable into speaker instead of bluetooth?
A: The USB cable is for charging, if you don’t want to connect via Bluetooth, just use the Aux-in cable to connect.

Q: What is output?
A: It comes from 5W X 2.

Q: Is it waterproof?
A: No, but I took it to the beach, it works well.

Q: Does the SoundBox xs can be upgrade like SoundBox?
A: As I know the answer is no. 

Q: Will it be auto turn off?
A: Mine still be turn on after stop play one hour.

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