DOSS SoundBox xs
229 Reviews
Touch Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

▪ Ease of use with touch controls

▪ Sleekly designed with portability in mind

▪ Can be Bluetooth, Aux-in, or TF card input

▪ 10W driver delivers amazing sound quality

▪ 8 hours play time with rechargeable battery

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4.0 / 5.0
Won't charge anymore :(
By raina on March 12, 2018
I loved this speaker when I got it, and have only used it a few times but now it won't even charge!!! Not sure what could be wrong. :( VERY sad and disappointed.
Bad idea
By Sara Lynn on March 10, 2018
I bought this speaker because it was an amazon suggestion to go along with the echo dot and didn’t do much research. Bad idea. The Bluetooth feature is nice, but the sound volume was unimpressive (not much better than the echo’s internal speaker). After a couple months it stopped working and is now in a junk pile, hence a one star.
Love this little speaker!
By Tamara Rapp on March 10, 2018
Just got DOSS SoundBox xs today. Set up was a piece of cake pairing with my Echo Dot. Literally took about 1 minute using Bluetooth. Sound is very, very good, clear and can get really loud without distorting sound. SiriusXM comes through great as does Amazon music. We plan on using it on our boat this summer via Bluetooth and my iPhone. Can’t wait. Great little powerful speaker for the money!
By Monica Bartlett on March 09, 2018
Doesn't have much volume to it. The sound quality isn't bad, it's just too quiet for most activities--- I bought it for a PTO cake walk and we couldn't hear it at all.
Great BUY for sure
By PreciousJ on March 07, 2018
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cute pink Bluetooth speaker not to loud just perfect & the size is perfect as well. I can take it in the bathroom or kitchen & be jamming on top of talking on the speaker to someone. This is most definitely a perfect speaker to take anywhere & start a party. I’m obsessed with it thus far. *2 thumbs up*
User Manual
EN-SoundBox xs User Manual.pdf
EU-SoundBox xs User Manual.pdf
Q: Does it work with any smart phone?
A: Yes. support any Bluetooth-enabled smart phone . 

Q: Does this play fm radio?
A: This item does not come with AM/FM radio. However, If you are using an internet radio on your smartphone, you can link through Bluetooth.

Q: Does this speaker have volume control?
A: Yes the big center button on the top roll your finger on it to the right to increase volume to the left to decrease.

Q: Is this device rechargeable? 
A: Yes, you need to charge it completely when you first get it and then you recharge as needed. I've only needed to recharge it once and it didn't take long to get back to a full charge. 

Q: Can you pair two speakers together?
A: Only one at one time.

Q: Does this speaker use 3.5 aux?
A: The speaker has an optional 3.5mm port if you like but the primary means of use is Bluetooth. 

Q: The red looks more pink. Is it actually red or pink?
A: Pink. :) 

Q: Can this speaker be charged using USB wall connection? Can it stay plugged in all the time?
A: Yes a Micro-USB wall charger will work fine. It can remain plugged in all the time. Long-term this may affect battery life so be sure to use it on battery now & then. Also note the SoundBox xs does NOT auto power off. It remains on whether plugged in or on battery.

Q: Does it support a memory card?
A: It does support Micro SD feature, but a memory card is not the included accessories.

Q: Can you plug USB cable into speaker instead of bluetooth?
A: The USB cable is for charging, if you don’t want to connect via Bluetooth, just use the Aux-in cable to connect.

Q: What is output?
A: It comes from 5W X 2.

Q: Is it waterproof?
A: No, but I took it to the beach, it works well.

Q: Does the SoundBox xs can be upgrade like SoundBox?
A: As I know the answer is no. 

Q: Will it be auto turn off?
A: Mine still be turn on after stop play one hour.

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